Spaceships and Cyborgs

Several years ago, all of the way back in 2008, I asked myself: what would make The Wizard of Oz even better?

The answer: giant robots, explosions, and sci-fi action abounding! That, and some Red Hot Chili Peppers songs had stirred my imagination.

Something happened that November. I participated in NaNoWriMo for the very first time. After thirty intense days, I completed my first complete novel draft!

That novel draft lay waiting for years. I completed several more novel drafts after that, every NaNoWriMo and without fail, but that first work still tugged at me.

Last year, I bit the bullet and decided that I would re-write the entire novel from scratch. After three months of writing virtually every day, I had 120,000 words of much-improved draft.

The major edits came next. I even traded my first Kindle away to help cover the costs of outside help. I took a stab at serializing the novel but didn’t get any bites. Undeterred, I have taken the next step. This year, prepare yourself for Planet Oz: The Kickstarter!

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